About technology

Steel pipe cases are installed at the intersections of underground communications with roads, railways, water bodies using pneumatic pipe forging machines/moles. The areas of application and use of the steel casings can be very diverse, such as: construction of water supply and sewage networks, construction of gas pipelines, heat and electricity transmission routes, installation of water fittings and many other areas related to underground construction works.

Basic data

Pipe diameter: 219 -1220 mm
Materials: steel pipes
Drilling distance: up to 35 m

Description of technology process

6.0 - 11.0 m long steel pipe segments are rammed from a 13.0 x 3.0 m trench using a pneumatic ramming machine. The pipes are rammed in with their end opened, so the soil accumulates in the pipes during the process. New steel pipe segments are welded to each installed pipe. The process continues until the prepared entry pit is reached. When the steel pipe is pushed through, the soil is removed from the pipe. The soil is cleaned with the help of compressed air: by blowing or washing with hydrodynamic technique.